Monday, October 18, 2010

more Rhinebeck

I want to go back.

There were more good looking men than I have seen ANYWHERE in my life. Kilts, boots, funky glasses. I need to go live there. Didn't take any photos of the these will have to suffice.


After a very difficult summer involving an extraordinary amount of loss, the fall held the promise of a few days of textural and design nirvana, and it didn't disappoint. Rhinebeck was bliss. Handsome llamas, Gotland Sheep that wagged their tails when you scratched their ears, sweaters sweaters and more sweaters....
Hope Spinnery, run on windpower captivated me with the colors and texture of the yar, I was almost powerless to choose colors, even for a wee hat. Bill helped me focus. The photos of the yarn will keep me warm all winter.

The chicken pot pies were as comfy as promised.

Deep fried artichokes left me wondering why anyone would want to change a perfct artichoke, but they were worth trying.

The yarn....oh man, Wild Apple Hill Farm wools are rustic, squishy and beg to be made into a 60's inspired cardigan. Just need to find a pattern.

Elinor, the designer of Hallett's Ledge hunted me down for a picture. She is about as sweet as can be, and reminded me to EAT FIBER!! Got to love a designer who can make such a perfect sweater AND be concerned for one's health.