Sunday, March 31, 2013

pie cake and procrastination

I love pie. Not much of a sweets person, pie speaks to my need for crust, with a hint of sweetie filling. Cherries are rarer than hen's teeth these days, and sour cherries even more. I happened to find a slew of frozen sour cherries at a frozen food store in my mom's small town. Hence a pie. The last one was a disaster as I followed every recipe that said NOT to thaw or drain the cherries. Jerks. The pie turned out a sloppy pinkish mess. I drained them this time, and from the start it just looked DSC_0002 Made the cake for easter dinner. Ina Garten's Beatty's chocolate cake. It seemed very watery when put in the oven, but baked up perfectly. I made 1 1/5 times the icing, and it makes for a much better thickly iced cake. DSC_0004 yum. Last on the first weekend-off-in-two-months agenda is taclking the attic yarn and fabric room. It stores everything we are slowly parting with, old desks, tables and the ugliest brown carpet on the planet. The ultimate plan is to reduce the junk by half, rip up the carpets, fake a plank look using a router, then paint to look like an old painted attic floor. DSC_0007 Been putting this off for a year. Time for a trip to the dump. And Annie. She is perfect, and I adore her. annie


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