Thursday, April 30, 2009

Must Have Cardigan, that mom musn't have

So, I started this sweater for myself, in a nice dark green. My mother asked that if I ever make another, in that color, would I please make it for her. So many times I almost got more green yarn when it was on sale, for my sweater, as this one was mom's as soon as she asked for it. It languished on the needles for months. I finally decided to finish it for her as she was having eye surgery, and needed a pick me up.
She hated it. She asked me if she could be "brutally honest" about something. When my mother says that , even after 47 years, I become a 12 year old. I figured it would have something to do with my hair, weight, clothes or boyfriend choices ( we all know how THEY turned out ) . So, I girded my loins, and she told me she didn't like thw sweater at all. Would never wear it, and she was sorry, but did I want it back for myself.

HELL YES. Gotta love mom!

Sweater-Must Have Cardigan from Patons
Yarn- Patons Classic Wool Merino- dark green olive , 7 balls, used every last bit, but have an extra sleeve knit somewhere that had so many mistakes I think I wished it to go to the other side.
Stats- I made this a large, on 5.5mm needles, and it does fit me, a 42 inch chest. The photos are on mumsie, who is a small, with a 36 inch bust.