Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Leonards Femoral Head osteotomy -day one

Leonard came home today . He walked in, ate some food, had a pee, and laid down in his usual spot. He is still a little shaky, and limps . He soon figured out that hopping into the litter box worked well.
He is a little sleepier than usual, but when I picked up his wire toy to hide it away, he swatted at it, and was ready for some play.
We had to have a talk about the wonder of his fentanyl patch so he stopped trying to chew it off. Rather he chew that than his stitches, about which he is totally disinterested.
I prefer animals to most people, and think if you adopt a pet, no matter the type, you make a promise to love them, protect them, know when to do everything and know when enough is enough.
I work with a woman who told me she would rather pay for music lessons for her children than pay a vet bill, so if her cats get sick, she has them put to sleep. I asked what lesson she was teaching her children if she thought animals were disposable. I wonder if she will be surprised when she is left in a nursing home when she becomes too expensive to care for at home.
I actually wanted to put HER to sleep, but I know I would get caught.

Kingston Road Animal Hospital, Dr.John Mitelman and his team provided me with confidence, information, and kindness as I decided to do the right thing and go for the surgery. Rather than feel pressured, I felt supported. They pretended not to be grossed out when I kissed Leonard's head and paws.
I hope I can apply that to MY practice with families.
Here is my Len, day two after surgery.


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