Tuesday, March 03, 2009

mustang sally's

Spring Forward.Started last year. I am not sure why these took so long.I loved the pattern, it was easy to memorize, made great Streetcar socks, and the color was mesmerizing. I have come to realize I don't like STR yarns. They are too tightly spun, and remind me of underwear elastic. I know I am dissing the Holy Grail of sock yarn here, but that's why all my STR socks sit and languish until I really want to use the needles for something else.

who knew?

the nude

I bought this painting at a market in Toronto for $10. She looks like me. She looks like me when I am tired after a long day at work dealing with the illness of children. She looks like me when I feel like I have failed. She looks like me the minute before I know I can get up and do it again. If she looked at me we'd know each other, we'd know it will be ok, and that no matter what, after a minute in this repose, we'll be ok.
Not bad for $10 eh?