Thursday, June 12, 2008

new knit projects

I loved the yarn, in spite of its coarsness, and thick/thin nature which usually drives me nuts!It didn't take too much to unwind and make them matchey enough.The dye process is NOT repeated exactly in the skein, so it will do .

I finally have a photo to post of this one. Someday i will have a photo WITH buttons.
I added 5 inches of ribbing, and made the buttonholes on the wrong side of the sweater bands because I forgot to actyually make buttonholes on the first ribbing band.

This is the second Sea Baby kit I have kbit up.This one was done on 3.75mm needles and i added 6 stitches in width to each piece.As written, it wouldn't fit a premature infant.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

noro kureyon sock yarn

I like it.I am usually pretty fussy about texture, feel and squishyness, and this yarn has NONE of those in a good amount, but i like it.I am having no problem knitting with it.Un ravelling it is a grand PITA because it sticks to itself, but i really like the look, the colors and the texture once it has been worked.

This sock is LOKSINS in colorway 188.