Monday, July 27, 2009

It wasn't superwash afterall

Another date.....god help me

When someone describes themselves as giving, tolerant, deep and complex, one would think, being the gambler that I am ...that they may be two out of the four.

So, I met a gentleman for lunch. Apparently he decided the minute he laid eyes upon me that I wasn't the "one". We talked, laughed and generally carried on for 6...yes 6...hours. I wasn't sure about the chemistry, wasn't sure about him. He kept regaling me with stories about bis friends, his business people and how he was misunderstood. We laughed at each others stories.

He complained about the foam on the tea water, about the fact he got potatoes instead of tmoatoes ( he didn't tell the young woman his preference, in spite of the fact he went on and on about it to me before he ordered) When an elderly man was yelling into a cellphone, he stared at him with daggers in his eyes. He told me he searched the town for the cheapest breakfast ( and expects the waitresses to have ESP about the potato/egg thing )

We parted ways. He emailed me telling me he knew I wasn't for him, but found me interesting and wanted to keep in touch. I told him I based my decision to see someone based on their treatment of waitresses and their tolerance of old men on cellphones. Apparently he can tell me I am judgemental and mean for saying that , but him telling me my appearance made me a non-contender was perfectly polite.

Like buying wool labelled superwash and then finding it shrinks in the wash

NEVER believe a label that the person selling the yarn writes.....


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