Monday, February 16, 2009

Sp Valentiney greatness from Megera

I was vacuuming, and on my way to do laundry, and look what the post man dropped off for me!!! Custom letters, and critters all around!

All filled with candy hearts and tissue paper

Then out came my little buddy Dave the Sheep ! Sitting upon his fabric ( it is gorgeous) he watched the goodies unfold.

Needle cases, a notions bag, all kinds of great critter labels for my knitted gifts, coffes, a new great etched mug, and the coffee is a New Orleans blend.You are so thoughtful.

The yarn, a combo of my favorite colors , greys and pinks, will be set into sock action TODAY!

And a vegetarian cookbook. I am starting to learn to cook vegetarian meals that are actually edible.
Megera, you are so thoughtful, and the greatest valentiney SP ever!!


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