Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sometimes waiting for the cable guy has it's benefits. From 8am to 4pm I sat and passed the time making and weaving the ends in on my fiddlehead mitts.
Fiddlehead mitts by Hello Yarn
3.75mm needles
The yarn is Sublime Merino angora, It took the most of the white ball, and only snippets of the other colors. These were only my second attempt at colorwork, and I actually liked it MORE than knitting lace....who knew. Now I am circling the Anemoi mittens by Eunny jang.....maybe I need to get my phone lines serviced.....


At 4:58 AM, Blogger ella kelly said...

How random -- I think I ran into you at Romni, as you searched for yarn to line these with. Am I crazy? And in the line-up you warned me that alpaca is a dangerous, dangerous addiction...

I swear you were carrying one of these mitts around....

How funny!

ps they turned out gorgeous, too


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