Thursday, December 27, 2007

lady Eleanor with a fringe...and a retreiver

This photo took three takes....two of which were me trying to get Jacob to let go of the scarf.....after 6 years he is still a total goof.

But bailey is perfect.Always has been .She came to my mom through a real estate agent. My mom opened the car door and bailey got out to a world where she has been treated like a queen ever since. She deserves it. She is like Walt Disney dog.

Jake wandered off to find trouble in the form of a tree mushroom.The fringe took about a thrid of a skein of SWS wool.

jacob is perfect....when he sleeps. He turned 6 this year, and this was the first year you could leave a boot on the floor and not have to chase him around the house for it.He is perfect just before he falls asleep. I got him for my mom for christmas 6 years ago....and she still hasn't forgive me


At 8:40 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

love the scarf and the dogs! I'm wondering if I should go back and add fringe to mine, it looks so nice with it!


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